A Blooming Hen Party

Sometimes trying to organise a Hen Party that all ages can enjoy is impossible, Grandma, Mum and Aunty Beryl may not be up for a night on the town along with your girlie friends dressed in tutus drinking out of obscene shaped straws and your favourite work colleagues may want to have that fancy meal without the dress up, dares and vodka shots.

Now days everyone is looking for that something a little different Llama walking, Zorbing, camping or the favourite Pamper day at the spa but let me assure you this one is not top on everyone's list especially if like me as much as you love your best friends – sitting next to their brown, bikini clad size 10 figures in the sauna as they gently glow whilst your size 18 full skirted costume does nothing to hide corn beef legs and a bright red face dripping with sweat.

Im up for everything but just haven't got the energy or the money to dish out on several nights out ( you really cant wear the same dress to all of them ) and then deal with the hangover from hell 4 weeks running – well don't drink I hear you say …. OH PPPPlease if your making me drink my elegant glass of chardonnay through a long pink rubber straw with a crown on my head and badge saying best kisser in town there is no way im NOT going to be consuming copious amounts of alcohol just to get me out the door in my luminous tutu, I’ve been emotionally blackmailed to wear such an outfit in the past.. tears from the bride stating I will ruin her whole evening if I do not cooperate !!

This is where a sophisticated, elegant Flower arranging day or evening comes in, everyone can join in don’t let this fool you into thinking its boring I've not yet held a Hen party where the wine and Prosecco have not played a large part in the festivities.

The studio has the most wonderful woodland back drop and large veranda across the front ideal to spend a summers evening (bunnies and squirrels being the only ones that can hear your squeals of laughter) we start by popping a few corks and topping your glasses as you watch a gorgeous floral demonstration using an abundance of fresh blooms and foliages then its back to your desks for you to recreate the amazing design you’ve just been shown and your glasses are filled once more, soft music is played at first.. whilst you apply your new found skills to arrange the beautiful array of flowers before you. As the day or evening progresses and the wine is in full flow you may want to turn the music up and have your own private party.

Not only will Grandma, Mum and Aunty Beryl be in their absolute element but your girlie friends will realise what a pleasure the whole day/evening has been especially when they have a huge floral arrangement to take home with them.

The party doesn't have to finish when your designs have been created and the studio’s wine has all gone, we are more than happy for you to bring your own drink and enjoy yourselves with a girls night surrounded by flowers.

All flowers, tools, containers, accessories 1/2 bottle of wine per person and a few nibbles are included. full day £95 evening £65 10% discount for 8 or more people.  01206 394496